Yes Men Spoof NY Times

Compare the Canadian mainstream media’s extensive coverage of the NY Times Spoof (which did not mention Palestine) by the Yes Men (and allies) with their virtual media blackout on the Palestine Media Collective’s home-grown Vancouver Sun spoof that satirised Canwest’s Anti-Palestinian bias.

Contrast the NY Times’ reaction:”April Fools’ Comes Early” with Canwest’s: SLAPP suit and statements “free speech is a red herring”.

‘We’re Screwed’: Yes Men’s Media Heist Blankets City with ‘Special Edition’ New York Post,, Sept. 21, 2009

Greenpeace Parody of Newspaper Spotlights Climate, New York Times, June 18, 2009 (see web version of International Herald-Tribune parody here)

Story of two spoofs and media stupor,

The curious case of Q (Yes Men open door to Sun parody, Q host slams it shut on CBC radio – 4min in)

Video interview with NY Times pranksters, CNN

April Fools’ Comes Early: Read All About It, New York Times reaction to spoof edition

‘All the news we hope to print’: fake NYTimes, National Post (only spoofs of ‘liberal elite’ newspapers are newsworthy)

Prank NY Times offers ‘All the news we hope to print’, (which has never reported on the Vancouver Sun parody or Canwest’s lawsuit) also reported in the Toronto Star and the

Prank NY Times: `All the news we hope to print’, Washington Post

Liberal pranksters spoof Times, New York Times

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