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SFSC letter: Shameful firing of Michael Harris by CFRA

Mr. Steve Winogron, Program Manager, CFRA Ottawa

March 22, 2012

Dear Mr. Winogron:

I write to you on behalf of the Seriously Free Speech Committee, an organization founded specifically to defend freedom of speech on matters relating to the Palestine-Israel conflict.

We write to you because we are concerned that CFRA Ottawa has fired Michael Harris, a radio talk-show host at your station. Mr. Harris is an award winning author, and an experienced and highly regarded broadcaster.

It is our understanding that his firing came shortly after complaints about an article Mr. Harris had published on the iPolitics website February 1st, titled “Canada will be on the sidelines in search for Middle East peace”. This article is critical of the federal government’s policies on Israel. It appears therefore that CFRA succumbed to the pressure to silence Mr. Harris’ critical views on an important matter of public policy.  Continue reading