SFSC Letter: Free Rasmea Odeh – she has been denied her rights long enough

Honorable Judge Gershwin Drain
Theodore Levin U.S. Courthouse
Detroit, MI 48226 USA

Dear Judge Drain

We are writing on behalf of the Seriously Free Speech Committee (SFSC) to express our concern regarding the situation of Rasmea Odeh. As a committee of individuals concerned with issues regarding Free Speech we feel that the roots of Ms. Odeh’s situation lie in precisely her inability to speak freely.

Our understanding of her situation is that she was tortured by Israeli security forces into making a false confession many years ago. This led to her serving many years in prison. Everything else that puts her in the situation she is in today flows from that basic denial of free speech years ago.

Her advocacy for the Palestinian people is clearly another example of how her exercise of the right to free speech has led to her imprisonment and possible deportation. Surely if she had kept quiet and not spoken out, she would have been allowed to continue her life in her adopted country without molestation.

We believe that it is clear that Ms. Odeh is being victimized for not being able to speak freely in her Israeli court case and for speaking freely in the United States. Given the heightened concern about the right of free speech in various situations and countries in recent times, it would seem unusual and cruel to punish Rasmea Odeh more than she has already been punished for her exercise of her rights.

We urge you allow Ms. Odeh to walk out of court a free woman, able to speak freely, without fear.


Gary Cristall for
Seriously Free Speech Committee

CC: justice4rasmea@uspcn.org

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