SFSC Video: Sh*t Students Can’t Say (About Israel)


Video Clip References:

1. McMaster University bans the phrase “Israeli Apartheid” (2008)

2. Birmingham University (UK) Debating Society refuses to take the question “Is Israel an Apartheid State” in a public debate about Palestine/Israel (2011)

3. Carleton and Ottawa Universities ban the Israeli Apartheid Week Poster (2009)

4. Ontario Legislature passes unanimous motion condemning Israeli Apartheid Week (2009)

5. Dr. Norman Finkelstein speaks at UBC but Shaw Cable censors his speech for broadcast on community cable (2009)


6-7. Jeno Peto’s Master’s Thesis, “The Victimhood of the Powerful: White Jews, Zionism and the Racism of Hegemonic Holocaust Education” is attacked in Canada’s national media, including the Toronto Star and the National Post (2010) and  is denounced on the floor of the Ontario Legislature (2011)

8. Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s invitation to speak at St Thomas University (Minneapolis) is withdrawn over concerns that he “crossed the line” in a previous speech entitled “Occupation is Oppression” (2007)

9. Dr. Norman Finkelstein, denied tenure at DePaul University (Chicago) for criticising Israel

3 Responses to SFSC Video: Sh*t Students Can’t Say (About Israel)

  1. Its not critism of Israel that makes you a bigot, it’s your desire to see middle eastern Jews return to Islamic rule and the lies you knowingly spread to further your cause. May you die of ass cancer, you homophobic, chauvinistic, Jew-hating, terror-supporting mother fucker.

  2. I sure miss the days when you could freely make jokes about the Polish, Jews, Hindus and even black people. It boggles my mind how the government is so set on forcing everyone to become “politically correct”. To say that we can go to jail for saying something anti-Semitic is very frightening. Unfortunately it’s the reality we live in. The more our country progresses, the more our freedoms will be taken away. First it was our freedom of speech, Now our right to online privacy.

  3. Please keep this up, since you are helping to reveal the daily violent actions against people in West Bank and Gaza by Israeli government, military, and anyone who knowingly supports it. It is disturbing and collectively insane that people (especially people in positions of power) are trying to use the idea of racism against Jews, to shut down talk and awareness about a REAL racist, violent regime (prison structure and eviction strategy included) enacted by a group of Jews against the remaining people of Palestine. A friend of mine came back from visiting and making friends in Israel and West bank, and I reacted the same as she did – very disturbed and horrified by her stories and photos from West Bank. I felt like a sci-fi horror movie was being described to me. That a powerful military society was daily brutalizing a much weaker group of people could not be real. The global public must know the truth to stop the violence and restore what is owed to the people of Palestine, including a share of their land based directly on the pre-June 1967 borders, as well as their dignity and worth as equally valued human beings. As you likely know, documentaries like Occupation 101 (Omeish), The Zionist Story (Berelovich), and The Iron Wall (Alatar) are highly recommended.