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Muzzlewatch: No Free Speech in Canada? Banning “Israeli Apartheid” at Toronto Pride

Muzzlewatch, Sept 13, 2012
Canada’s Gay and Lesbian Newspaper, Xtra reports on 9/11/12:

“Toronto City Council’s executive committee has asked the city manager to rewrite the city’s anti-discrimination policy to prohibit criticism of Israel, which would directly affect funding for Pride Toronto.

“Council requested the review in June because some councillors say Pride Toronto’s $123,807 city grant should be contingent on the participation of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA) in the Pride parade.”

The executive committee vote was a stunning 9 to 1.  Continue reading

Toronto Star: Queers Against Israeli Apartheid allowed to march in Toronto Pride Parade

Toronto Star, June 29, 2012

A wall mimicking Israel’s West Bank separation barrier will be marched down the streets of Toronto at the Pride Parade on Sunday — all covered in flaming pink graffiti.

Pride Toronto’s dispute resolution panel dismissed a complaint Friday from the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith, allowing Queers Against Israeli Apartheid to march in the parade under their standard and with an 8-metre grey wall-like banner. Continue reading

Pride Toronto: Dispute Resolution Panel decision released

Queers Against Israeli Apartheid to march in 2012 Pride Parade, says Pride Toronto

29 June 2012 (Toronto, ON) – Pride Toronto announced today that it has received a ruling from its arm’s-length Dispute Resolution Panel (DRP) that Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA) will receive a permit to march in this year’s Pride parade on Sunday, July 1. The decision comes as a result of a DRP hearing earlier this week on the complaint against QuAIA and the request that they not be permitted to march in this year’s Pride parade.

“Pride Toronto is aware of the politically and emotionally sensitive nature of this issue for all parties involved. In line with the ruling of the Dispute Resolution Panel, and Pride Toronto’s stated commitment to abide by the outcome of the process, the Board of Directors will respect the DRP’s decision and will authorize a permit for QuAIA to march in this year’s Pride parade,” said Luka Amona, Pride Toronto Board co-chair. Continue reading

National Post: Pride Toronto gets grant despite apartheid controversy

National Post, June 8, 2012

Pride Toronto has secured $123,807 from the city for its 10-day festival, regardless of who marches in the annual parade.

The decision settles — for now — the perennial controversy around funding the major cultural event because of the presence of a group called Queers Against Israeli Apartheid. Last year, the city withheld funding until after the gay pride parade, and QuAIA did not participate. Continue reading

Jewish Tribune: Make Pride Parade funding contingent on non-participation of QuAIA, Pasternak says

Jewish Tribune, May 29, 2012 ,  Joanne Hill – Correspondent

TORONTO – City Councillor James Pasternak will attempt to make city funding
of the Pride Parade contingent upon the non-participation of the Queers
Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA) group.

In June 2011, City Council passed a motion by Pasternak which directed City
Manager Joe Pennachetti to update Toronto’s anti-discrimination policy.
Pennachetti is on holiday and could not be reached for comment but Jackie
DeSouza, director of strategic communications for the City of Toronto, said
Pennachetti might be presenting his updated policy to City Council in the
first week of June.

Pasternak said Pennachetti’s updated report isn’t necessary for council to
vote to delay or withhold funding of the parade. Continue reading

Councillor Pasternak threatens Toronto Pride over QUAIA

May 24, 2012 News Release: Councillor Pasternak Alarmed at Reports Queers Against Israeli Apartheid Planning to Participate in Toronto Pride Parade

Toronto City Councillor James Pasternak expressed deep concern over news that the group Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA) was planning to participate in the 2012 Toronto Pride Parade.

“As far as I am concerned, City Council has spoken. Groups like QuAIA are not eligible to participate in city funded events. Our responsibility in Toronto is to fight bullying and demonization, to bring people together and not drive them apart,” said Councillor Pasternak. Continue reading

Globe and Mail: Toronto Pride grant in limbo as Queers Against Israeli Apartheid plan to march

Globe and Mail, May 22, 2012

Toronto Pride Week’s funding from the city is safe – for now.

Council’s economic development committee on Tuesday endorsed more than $6-million in grants to Toronto’s 10 major arts organizations, including $123,807 for Pride Toronto, without questions or debate.

“We appreciate the support and [we’re] glad with the result today, obviously,” Kevin Beaulieu, the executive director of Pride Toronto, said after the committee vote. “It certainly helps us to put on the festival every year.”

But the Pride grant’s passage likely won’t be as smooth at city council, where some members have already talked about withholding Pride’s funding if a controversial group called Queers Against Israeli Apartheid is allowed to march in the Pride Parade July 1. Continue reading

SFSC: Letter to Toronto City Council re Queers Against Israeli Apartheid

Dear Mayor and Council,
City Hall, Toronto

The Seriously Free Speech Committee is a Vancouver based group, committed to free expression of views on Israel/Palestine. Members are concerned about growing intimidation, censorship and legal threats against individuals and organizations who criticize Israel’s actions. You can look at our activities at www.seriouslyfreespeech.ca From a distance we in the Seriously Free Speech Committee have followed the sad business of the threats aimed at the organizers of Toronto’s Pride Parade should they have the temerity to allow a contingent of activists called Queers Against Israeli Apartheid to march in it.

Continue reading