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London FreePress: Deal pending, Corrigan says

LIBEL LAWSUIT: Lawyer Ed Corrigan says a T.O. lawyer will apologize for his e-mails

By Scott Taylor, The London Free Press, January 16, 2012

A London human-rights lawyer and former city councillor who sued a Toronto lawyer for $25,000 in libel damages said a settlement is just days away.

The case began in June 2010 when Ed Corrigan asked Toronto lawyer and investment firm president William Hechter to apologize for several e-mails he reportedly sent to members of the Law Union of Ontario in which he described Corrigan as one of Canada’s worst anti-Semites and an idiotic spammer.

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Law Times: Israeli issue sparks legal row between lawyers

Law Times, Monday, January 16, 2012, Written by Kendyl Sebesta

A London, Ont., immigration lawyer is seeking $25,000 in libel damages from a fellow lawyer who allegedly called him an anti-Semite.

Lawyer Edward Corrigan is seeking $25,000 from William Hechter.

The case, Corrigan v. Hechter, began in September 2010 as lawyer Edward Corrigan sought damages from William Hechter, a non-practising lawyer who’s president of Excalibur Capital Management in Toronto.

The case involves Hechter’s alleged comments in response to Corrigan’s statements about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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