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SFSC Letter: Replies to Brent Black letter

Reply from BRENT BLACK

thanks for writing…i dont support terrorism like the plo – clear enough? later dude. looks like i win – you lose. i have freedom of speech and i bow to pressure from no one.

reply from RICH SIEGEL

Mr. Briemberg, This is really great! Thanks for sending. -Rich

SFSC Letter: To Brent Black re removing review of “The Way to Peace”

Dear Brent Black,

On behalf of the Seriously Free Speech Committee, I write to you concerning the removal from your website of your own review of Rich Siegel’s “The Way to Peace”. Our organization, the Seriously Free Speech Committee, was formed a few years ago to defend freedom of expression specifically on the controversial issue of Palestine/Israel. We do not advocate for any particular interpretation or resolution of this conflict. We do advocate for the necessity that people of varying interpretations and with varying proposals for resolution have the freedom to present them publicly without intimidation or censorship, enabling a wider public to be able independently to consider their validity, and to formulate their own conclusions. You will agree, I am sure, that openness to diversity of opinion is one hallmark of a democratic culture. To intimidate others from expressing their thoughts, to proceed further and censor such expression, cripples democratic culture.

When you wrote your review of “The Way to Peace” you were sharing your thoughts freely and expressing confidence in your readers’ capacities to reflect on them and draw their own conclusions. You were fostering a democratic culture. When almost immediately after publishing your review, you withdrew it and issued the statement of “humble apologies” you were capitulating to censorship and insulting your readers.  Continue reading

Rich Siegel: criticaljazz.com removes review of CD by musician supporting Palestinian rights

By Rich Siegel

Some disturbing news: A very complimentary review of my new CD has been PULLED because of politics. The reviewer’s name is Brent Black, his website is criticaljazz.com and you can contact him at real.jazz@ymail.com (This email address is published on the website.)

Here’s what he posted on Facebook about his decision to pull the review (in lower case as he wrote it): “my humble apologies to my jewish friends for reviewing rich sigel (sic) an anti-zionist peace activist that supports the destruction of israel. had i know (sic) who he was and what he was all about i never would have given him 30 seconds of my time. his review is pulled and e mail blocked. again my apologies i stand with israel NEVER against her but firmly against her enemies.”  Continue reading