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SFSC Event Video: Historical Context of the Palestinian Maps – Fact and Fiction with Dr Hani Faris

UPDATED: Watch the video of the Q&A at the event (Video by Jase Tanner)

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RCI: “Disappearing Palestine” ads launched in Canada

Radio Canada International, September 3, 2013
Listen to the radio interview on the RCI website

Maps of the growing Israeli settlements on Palestinian territory are on display on buses and in a transit station in Canada’s western city of Vancouver and will soon roll out in Toronto and Calgary as well. “We think it’s important that Canadians be informed about the realities of the Israeli occupation and how it’s been growing consistently over the past 66 years, and to call for and support Palestinian human rights,” said Charlotte Kates of the Palestine Awareness Coalition, comprising seven peace and justice organizations sponsoring the ads.

Jewish groups denounce ads

Some Jewish groups have denounced the ads saying they are factually inaccurate, but Kates insists the series of maps showing Israeli encroachment are accurate and are based on statistics from the United Nations. Continue reading

CTV: Pro-Palestine bus ads spark debate in Vancouver

ctv Watch CTV News Video from Aug 28, 2013

SFSC Event: Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire

Watch the video of Dr. Deepa Kumar at SFSC Event:
Women, Islam and Empire

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SFSC Video: Sh*t Students Can’t Say (About Israel)


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