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SAIA Carleton: “Three Little Birds” under attack for their song ‘Apartheid’

Students Against Israeli Apartheid – Carleton

A local Ottawa musical group, Three Little Birds, is under attack for their support of the fight against Israeli Apartheid and they need your help.

HonestReportingCanada, a staunchly pro-Israel media organization is attacking Three Little Birds for their courage to sing about Israeli Apartheid, and CTV, for allowing musicians on their program who choose to sing about such a topic.

On June 18, CTV Ottawa invited the Three Little Birds to talk about their new album and perform a song in advance of their Ottawa Jazzfest performance. The song they chose to sing is entitled “Apartheid,” which is a powerful song detailing Carleton University’s president’s support for the apartheid policies of Israel. As a result, HonestReportingCanada, which claims to have 25,000 subscribers to its email list, sent out an email blast to all of its subscribers entitled “CTV Defends Giving Band Airtime to Slur Israel as an “Apartheid” State.” The e-mail attacks Three Little Birds and urges people to email the CTV Regional Vice President to pressure him not to allow musicians on the program who may criticize the actions of the state of Israel through the use of the term “apartheid.” Continue reading