SFSC Video: Singing the Praises of the ‘Anti-Terrorist’ Bill C-51

VANCOUVER – The Conservative government has a new weapon in the run-up to next week’s vote on it’s controversial Anti-Terrorism Bill C-51. The music video “A Little Help from Big Fear” by Stevie and the Conservi-Cats extolls the virtues of “Big Fear” and it’s power to win elections and steamroller any opposition to Conservative government priorities.

In addition to lead vocals and piano by Stevie – Chief Conservative Crooner – the video features cameos by a galaxy of online video stars including multi-platimum-million viewed “Keyboard Cat” and “Nina the Piano Cat.”

Don’t miss this educational and fun trash-talk of the Bill C-51’s critics who include: the Canadian Bar Association, the Privacy Commissioner, four former Prime Ministers and several members of the Security Intelligence Review Committee, as well as many mainstream journalists, and most of Canadian civil society.

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