SFSC Letter: to Hassan Diab r.e. Canadian government’s ruthless reaction to dissent

M. DIAB Hassan
416299 Z D3
Maison d’arret des hommes
7, avenue des peupliers

Dear Hassan,

I am writing on behalf of the Seriously Free Speech Committee (SFSC) to express our solidarity with you in the totally unjust situation in which you find yourself.

The SFSC was formed seven years ago to defend three people faced with a civil lawsuit for producing a parody of the Vancouver Sun’s (Vancouver’s dominant newspaper) one-sided reporting of the Israel-Palestine situation. We have since continued defending organizations and individuals who have been attacked for their support for Palestine or criticism of the Israeli occupation.

Your case, despite the substantial evidence of your innocence, exhibits the profound viciousness of the Stephen Harper Conservative government towards anyone not uncritically supporting the State of Israel. The flawed evidence that was used to justify your extradition is hardly conceivable in a fair justice system. Legal experts, handwriting experts and even the judge question the evidentiary flaws exhibited in the handwriting analysis. The unfair trials under France’s anti-terrorism law, the prejudice of the French legal system against Palestinian supporters and the weakness of extradition laws in Canada have resulted in your extradition. Unfortunately your extreme situation reflects the Canadian government’s ruthless reaction to dissent.

We are concerned that you will not receive a fair trial in France and strongly object to the use of secret evidence in order to seek a conviction. On behalf of the SFSC I want to express our solidarity and admiration for your continued resolve. Your fight, like many similar struggles, is for all those who are penalized for the strength of their convictions. From your long incarceration in Canada and continuing incarceration in France, you have not been able to publicly express the evidence supporting your case. Imprisonment of course is the ultimate silencing of a person’s right to speak and defend themselves.

We will continue to monitor your case and offer support as our limited resources allow.

We have sent a cheque for $100 to the Hassan Diab Support Committee to assist with your case.

In Solidarity,

Brian Campbell,
for the Seriously Free Speech Committee, Vancouver, BC

cc: Hassan Diab Support Committee
Extradition Legal Defence Fund
c/o Ria Heynen
Ottawa, Ontario, K2B 6Z8

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