Rich Siegel: removes review of CD by musician supporting Palestinian rights

By Rich Siegel

Some disturbing news: A very complimentary review of my new CD has been PULLED because of politics. The reviewer’s name is Brent Black, his website is and you can contact him at (This email address is published on the website.)

Here’s what he posted on Facebook about his decision to pull the review (in lower case as he wrote it): “my humble apologies to my jewish friends for reviewing rich sigel (sic) an anti-zionist peace activist that supports the destruction of israel. had i know (sic) who he was and what he was all about i never would have given him 30 seconds of my time. his review is pulled and e mail blocked. again my apologies i stand with israel NEVER against her but firmly against her enemies.” 

The claim that I support the destruction of Israel is pure libel. I have never made any statements advocating the destruction of Israel, or the destruction of anyone or anything. The irony here is that in his review Black makes it a point to separate his disagreement with my politics from his assessment of the music I have brought to the world with this new recording. (Read review below.) He has obviously flushed that integrity down the toilet with his libelous announcement and decision to pull the review.

Feel free to contact him if you wish. Feel free to distribute.

(link to the CD )

Rich Siegel “The Way to Peace”

By Brent Black, Critical Jazz (March 23, 2012)

Perhaps the greatest joy in writing about music and predominately jazz in particular would have to be taking the occasional sonic path less traveled. Had someone told me two years ago I would have been reviewing the work of an anti-Zionist peace activist, a request that this individual be drug tested would be the expected response from those few that travel in my inner circle.

The Way To Peace is not a political manifesto in the strictest sense of the word but instead I will allow Siegel’s words to speak for him:

‘I sought a marriage of spirituality and peace activism, combining my originals with some extraordinary cover material, notably by New York composer Kirk Nurock and Lebanese composer Ahmad Kaabour, as well as others.’

From a purely musical perspective, Siegel is a gifted instrumentalist with rich vocals that glide effortlessly along with his playing. is actually an outgrowth from some inspiration found in of all places – facebook. Having rather outspoken and often (not always) conservative views on the subject of the Palestinian state, I am long on record as encouraging artists to stay away from such incendiary topics as faith, politics and sexual orientation when it comes to social media. The reasoning for an artist to stay away from such potentially damaging topics is not to squash an opposing point of view or monopolize a public forum but from a practical standpoint of alienating a large segment of one’s audience.

The one piece of advice given to me by a former editor of separating the individual from the artist probably best rings true from this perspective. Rich Siegel is and what he sings about. For this reason alone, The Way To Peace is a stellar recording.

If an artist is to give of them self in a form of expression be it music, painting or sculpture then all you can ask for is an honest shared perspective. You can respect an opinion and disagree with it. To oversimplify Siegel’s music as that of the “peace movement” would be disingenuous at best. Instead Siegel presents us with an eloquently stated, musically pristine offering of himself and shares a piece of what is in his heart.

Isn’t that what art is all about?

5 Responses to Rich Siegel: removes review of CD by musician supporting Palestinian rights

  1. a terroristic email campaign by someone that supports the terrorist actions of the p.l.o
    those that scream for diversity the most practise it the least. i am publisher and have treated rich no different than others. go read my web site to see. i do not bow to people that misrepresent themselves in an attempt to gain free publicity when no other publication that isnt a card carrying member of the plo would give his silly record a second look.

  2. i am the owner and publisher of i saw disturbing, disrespectful and hate filled speech on siegel’s facebook page. siegel can post as he wishes. he can also pretend to be a peace activist to earn a dollar for god knows what terroristic cause. the context of my speech was the the p.l.o and iran support the destruction of israel and siegel’s attempted cyber attack has failed. i can post anything i wish on my site and i made a mistake in posting something before i knew more about siegel. i hold everyone to the same standards; liberal or conservative or jew or gentile. i made the mistake in trying to give a poor schmuck a break whose disc is probably one of the worst pieces of music i have heard. that was my mistake – being nice, now siegel wants to deny my freedom of speech? those that scream for diversity the post practise it the least. long live israel!

  3. what is interesting is when i received the so called “letter” from this terrorist group there was no identification none indicating this was a matter for publication which is fine but the acts of cowards which is what you expect from terrorists. i have posted factual and verifiable information that is publicly available on siegel’s facebook page so unless siegel is an admitted liar and waging his own smear campaign what possible zionistic campaign of character assination am i waging when i am printing rich siegel’s own words? you can not have it both ways. siegel’s home page includes the fact he stands against israel, is pro-iranian and will stop at nothing to see victory for the p.l.o so when you attack MY name and reputation i strongly urge YOU obtain proper legal council. i do not back down from a fight. i do not start a war when rich siegel dropped the first bomb. i can publish whatever i choose, i do not need the approval from someone that has asked to be removed from the jewish faith and someone that spends more time trying to sue people to make a living then actually working like a responsible adult according to the words and messages sent to me from rich’s so called face book friends. siegel is an enemy of the state of israel, a person that has lied about my character and intentions and someone that i have personally reported to the department of homeland security.

  4. and to be clear – on rich’s face book stage is stands FOR everything that supports the destruction of israel and by continuing to attempt to post and pass around a review that i retract and i only posted because i failed to do my proper due diligence then rich is guilty of infringing on my intellectual property rights and i will defend myself by any and all legal means necessary. siegel is desperate. no one is reviewing the record. no one is touching the record and like any other publisher i can pull an article or a review and print a retraction provided i treat all parties in the same fair and equal fashion which i have before. siegel does not nor will he ever dictate how i do my job. his attempted campaign to smear my name or overrun my email with a cyber campaign of peer pressure has filed much like his album. my mistake was attempting to be a nice guy and rushing to print before all my necessary homework was done. good luck attempting to peddle this piece of garbage now rich – the truth shall set you free. long live israel!!!

  5. and you article calls my actions censorship? look up the meaning of the word. i can deceide what music reviews i publish and which ones i dont. this is free AMERICA – if i dont want to publish you i dont have to; its for reasons of critical review nature and misrepresentation. if you dont like it then find someone that will or maybe you cant because it stinks. america is all about freedom of choice and i dont choose you. go cry to arafat now. no wait, he is worm food along with your buddy bin laden.