IJV: Demand CFRA FM Ottawa respect free speech

ACTION ALERT: Demand CFRA respect free speech

CFRA FM radio in Ottawa has fired Michael Harris, a long-time voice of reason on a range of peace and justice issues.

While CFRA is claiming Harris was laid off, he has been absolutely clear this is not the case. He was fired after a concerted attack from organizations claiming to represent the Jewish community, following a column last week in iPolitics that was critical of Harper government policies on Israel and Palestine.

That courageous column can be read here:

Take a moment right now to write to the station manager Steve Winogron at steve.winogron@chumottawa.com and demand:

– a reversal of the decision and Michael Harris` immediate reinstatement

– a formal apology to the host and the show’s listeners

– a station commitment to upholding free speech


Founded in 2008,  Independent Jewish Voices – Canada  is a national human rights organization whose mandate is to promote a just resolution to the conflict in Israel and Palestine through the application of international law and respect for the human rights of all parties.

Independent Jewish Voices

5 Responses to IJV: Demand CFRA FM Ottawa respect free speech

  1. Q. Do you think Lowell Green would be hired by the CBC?
    A. Never.
    If you are able to connect the dots, you will understand why Michael Harris is no longer at CFRA. I bet Mr. Harris ends up at the CBC — right where he fits in so beautifully. Bye-bye Mr. Harris. Orange Pinko.

  2. I sent a message, as requested, to Steve Winogron. With respect to my statement that “Mr. Harris himself has been very clear that he was fired after a concerted attack from organizations claiming to represent the Jewish community”, copied verbatim from your message above, Mr Winogron asked me, “When did he say this, please?” I’d like to be able to answer him – can you provide an answer?

    • Seriously Free Speech Committee

      Sorry for the delayed reply but you would have to contact IJV Ottawa (mailto://info@ijvcanada.org ) who issued this press release. We are just republishing it here.

      • Are you serious? You’re “just republishing” it without checking its veracity? You do realize, of course, that you’ve just made it supremely clear that you’re not to be trusted with information of this nature. I’m having nothing more to do with you.

  3. elie benzaquen

    I cant believe you are calling Mike harris a ‘voice of free speech and reason’ he has had full reign for over 12 years. For 12 years the peopleof Ottawa have had to listen to his twisted view of reality.

    I for one am relieved he is not on the air anymore. Free speech means give free speech to someone else after 12 years. And I am one who is critical of Israel, as well as all the other nations in the region. The difference is Harris is only critical of Israel – period.

    You Jews should be ashamed of yourselves, you have sold your souls on this earth what will you say when your time is up and your soul meets its maker, how you supported the terrorists and supported the jewish Peoples enemies. Find your souls and save yourseleves before it is too late !!!! Dont be useful idiots !!

    Shalom !!